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on October 5, 2007

So one of the reasons that I stopped blogging is that I was so busy.  In the last few months the company that I work for has gone from three staff in-country to one, me.  What this has meant is not only has my workload increased but my travel has increased as well.  The original plan was for me to travel to Auckland two days every week to manage the business up there.  Great in theory but it’s ended up being three days often and even four days at time.  To give you some idea of what Vic has to put up with this is my travel coming up:

Next week 8th-12th October:  Not too bad – Auckland Thursday and Friday

The week after is where it starts to get fun 🙂  On Thursday I fly to Auckland and spend Thursday and Friday on my normal Auckland stuff.  I stay Friday night so that I can get up early to fly to Tokyo (a nice little 11.5 hour flight)  Mon-Wed is spent training in Tokyo and I leave on Thursday to get back to Wellington on Friday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon (yep, 48 hours later) I fly to Sydney so that I’m there for Monday morning and the start of a three day sales meeting.  Wednesday afternoon it’s a flight from Sydney to Auckland and after two days there it’s back to Wellington on Friday evening.

So as you can see things are a bit hectic…….

Even so I’ll try to keep up the blog, even if it’s just  to point out interesting things I find on the web 🙂

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2 Responses to “busy”

  1. Gina says:

    Hey! Welcome back. =D

  2. jason says:

    Hi guys,great to see your blog up and running again,have missed seeing how my long lost family are doing 😉

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