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on October 13, 2007

With this new role and the changes in the country staff (maternity leave and redundancies) the amount of travelling that I’ve been doing has been more than I imagined when I took the job.  To give you an idea of how much travelling is involved there are a couple of things.

The first is the fact that it’s only taken 7 months for me to reach Elite status with our national airline.

The second is my travel plans for the next three weeks.  Here they are with dates and the city that I will be in:

Mon 15 Oct Home
Tue 16 Oct Auckland
Wed 17 Oct Auckland
Thu 18 Oct Auckland
Fri 19 Oct Auckland
Sat 20 Oct Travel to Tokyo
Sun 21 Oct Tokyo
Mon 22 Oct Tokyo
Tue 23 Oct Tokyo
Wed 24 Oct Tokyo
Thu 25 Oct Tokyo
Fri 26 Oct Travel from Tokyo  
Sat 27 Oct Home!
Sun 28 Oct Travel to Sydney
Mon 29 Oct Sydney
Tue 30 Oct Sydney
Wed 31 Oct Sydney
Thu 01 Nov Sydney
Fri 02 Nov Auckland

So as you can see the next few weeks is going be a tad busy with only two days at home!

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