lots a happenin’

Elliot, Max

on January 28, 2008

OK – so no update for a while but a lot of milestones and happenings in the boy’s lives

  • We are now in week two of potty training for Elliot (second time around) and he’s doing really well. We are looking at about an accident every two days but it’s usually when he’s really busy and just forgets. The interesting thing is that he’s been dry at nights as well.
  • In relation to this we had a lovely thing happen. Max and Elliot had got up one morning last week and wandered downstairs to play and watch some telly. Vic and I stayed in bed and about 15 minutes later Max came up and I asked him what he was doing. “Getting underpants for Elliot” was his reply and my first thought was “Oh God, what’s happened?” What had happened though is Elliot had said that he wanted to go to the toilet and Max had gone off and found the potty, taken Elliot’s PJ trousers and nappy off, made sure he was sitting properly and when Elliot had finished had come upstairs to get him some clothes 🙂 Bless him 🙂
  • Max has almost lost his second baby tooth – it’s so wiggly that I think it’ll come out in the next day or two. The amazing thing is his adult tooth that came through way behind his first lost baby tooth has now moved almost all the way into place!
  • Max can now ride his bike with no training wheels! I took him down to the park yesterday morning and after a few times holding on to the seat he was off on his own and doing really well. After about 30 minutes at the park he was starting off OK, riding for at least 100 yards in a big circle back to me, braking with front and back brakes and turning pretty sharp corners! Later that day I took him down to a different field and he was going over rough ground that earthmovers had been using. By the end of the day he was doing circuits of the back yard and going up some pretty big bumps when moving from grass to paving. I’m so proud of him 🙂
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One Response to “lots a happenin’”

  1. Gina says:

    Wow! You sure have a lot of new things happening. How exciting! 😀

    Awesome job to Max and riding without wheels, that’s fantastic. And for helping his little brother out. And wtg Elliot, you can do it!

    Sounds like they are both amazing little guys!

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