on February 13, 2008

So here I am stuck in Auckland on a training course for the week missing Max’s first full week at school 🙁

Luckily I get to speak to the whole family on a regular basis so I’ve managed to keep in touch with him to a degree. He’s started to bring homework home and at the moment it’s a set of early learning books called “readers” which only have 3-4 words per page. I always call in the morning and Vic says that when he hears the phone he races downstairs to get his latest book and then we put him on speaker phone so he can read to me – it’s very cool 🙂

I was also away for his second day at school last friday and when I asked Vic to email me with how it went this is what she sent:

As we were walking up the school drive Max said “mummy I can do this myself” but I told him I have to walk him to his classroom.
He hung up his bag, put his Phoenix cap in, took out his journal bag, rushed into his classroom, put the journal bag into the box, grabbed his school hat out of his tote tray and said “I’m going to play now”. I hung around in the playground till the bell went but he ran straight past me and into his classroom. Looked in through the window – he put his hat away and sat down on the mat. Guess he’s got it sorted!

On his second day!

Oh well – back to my course I guess……

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