Holiday fun for the kids

Elliot, Max, Vic

on July 17, 2008

Caught up with Ali (a school friend of mine today) and her children.  It was great to see them but also realised just how much I miss them.  They live a couple of hours away we don’t get to see them that often – last time was about a year ago.  Having kids at school, and both of us with husbands and kids that play sport in the weekend means we can really only meet during the school holidays now.  We both drove for an hour to meet in the middle, the kids had a run around in the park for an hour and a half, then we had lunch and more play at McDonalds.  The kids all played well together although Elliot still thinks he’s the Kung Fu Panda and had to remind him not to hit the others!  Here’s a photo of Jack (7), Abbey (6), Max (5) and Elliot (3).
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