692 pieces


on October 25, 2008

Max does a number of daily chores around the house (usually) and in return he gets pocket money (allowance).  He’s been saving up this money and any other cash that he’s been given for a while now to save up for the Lego Aiport and this week he had reached his target of $120!

This set is 692 pieces and even at five I reckon he completed at least 60% of it on his own with another 10% just us moving things slightly so they were right.  Good lad 🙂

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3 Responses to “692 pieces”

  1. Grandad says:

    Well done Max and am looking forward to you showing it to me when I come round. Love Grandad.

  2. ngahuia says:

    well done Max 🙂

  3. jason says:

    well done max!!! leggo looks alot more fun than when me and your dad used to play with it,the most exciting thing used to be it came in different colours!!!

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