seedny again

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on November 3, 2008

Just sitting here watching delayed NFL and planning my day tomorrow.  Vic and I are off to Sydney on Wednesday for our Phoenix away game trip for the year and this time it’s against Sydney FC.  I have a few things to do tomorrow such as pick up some clothes that have been altered, get xmas shopping for the boys and vote! Vic and I are away for the standard voting day of Saturday so will both need to place an early vote before we leave.

We are so lucky to have generous people that live nice and close and are willing to look after the boys. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do……..

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One Response to “seedny again”

  1. ngahuia says:

    Just a thought, remember to pack your hat, scarf etc for your trip over this way .. its bloody cold … unlike Seedny which should be nice and warm…..

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