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Spring is here

Elliot, Max

on October 5, 2010

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Elliot in front of his bike

Lovely day and a bike - nice

With spring here in full force (at least for a few days) we went out and bought a towbar mounted bike rack. Now that Max is in an almost full size bike it’s really the only way to transport their bikes around.
Before we went shopping for the rack I took some photos of the boys in front of their bikes so that we’d have an idea of sizes. We took one of Max then one of Elliot. Max than asks if I could take one of Elliot with “me being an idiot in the background” -the shot here is the result…… 🙂

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Elliot, Max, News

on October 2, 2010

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It was movie night in the Cramer household tonight and the boys had been on about Ghostbusters for a while.  Given that Max is a bit sensitive when it come to scary movies I thought this choice would be somewhat interesting.

After moving from his position in front of the TV to be on the couch with me after the very first ghost scene (to be fair they both did) I really didn’t think we’d get through it but he manned up and rode it out. He was really waiting to see the Stay Puft man and as it was at the end I guess he had to watch until the end 🙂

A couple of things I noticed about the movie:

  1. Everyone always seemed to have a cigarette in their mouth
  2. Sigourney Weaver, Bill murray and Dan Ackroyd looked so young! 🙂
  3. The special effects were pretty crap.  Were they any good even in their day?

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how the boys go tonight. They seemed to have gone of to sleep OK………..

Elliot’s first visit from the tooth fairy


on September 28, 2010

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Elliot lost his first tooth this morning! He wandered through and told us that he’d lost it and woke up with it sitting just inside his lower lip. Luckily he didn’t swallow it – unlike the kid over the road who swallowed his first three! 🙂


Elliot, Max

on January 16, 2009

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They can have such fun together sometimes!



Elliot, Max

on October 15, 2008

I said yesterday that we had cut Elliot’s hair.  We had cut Max’s hair and Elliot had gone on and on about wanting his the same so after deciding that at worse all that we’d have to do is wait for it to grow back we cut it.  Here are the results (and one of Max too :))


Elliot, Ramblings

on October 14, 2008

Still here!  Not much happening really – same shit different day.

Vic has just got over two weeks of school holiday hell and being really busy with her cards business but nothing really stick out.

Oh, we cut Elliot’s hair so I’ll post a picture soon 🙂

old mcdonald?

Elliot, Ramblings

on September 8, 2008

So all four of us are lying in bed on Sunday morning and Vic says to the boys “do remember what day it is today?”

Elliot looks at Max and shouts out:

“Happy farmer’s day!”

A funny way to start off father’s day 🙂

Holiday fun for the kids

Elliot, Max, Vic

on July 17, 2008

Caught up with Ali (a school friend of mine today) and her children.  It was great to see them but also realised just how much I miss them.  They live a couple of hours away we don’t get to see them that often – last time was about a year ago.  Having kids at school, and both of us with husbands and kids that play sport in the weekend means we can really only meet during the school holidays now.  We both drove for an hour to meet in the middle, the kids had a run around in the park for an hour and a half, then we had lunch and more play at McDonalds.  The kids all played well together although Elliot still thinks he’s the Kung Fu Panda and had to remind him not to hit the others!  Here’s a photo of Jack (7), Abbey (6), Max (5) and Elliot (3).
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