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46 inches


on August 18, 2008

Say hi to the latest addition in our house – 46 inches of Sony Bravia Luuurve…… V series (not W), built in Freeview HD (terrestrial HDTV over UHF) and frickin’ huge!



on March 8, 2008

Only 1351 days after we moved in to our house and I have completed the beading around the kitchen joinery to hide the small gap between the joinery and wooden flooring. It was only 13 sections ranging from an inch to about 4 feet in length that needed gluing to the joinery. Unfortunately some of the very thin wood had warped slightly and so a lot of time was spent on my knees pressing bits of wood down that seemed to have an aversion to other bits of wood……

dial up


on June 30, 2004

Hi all smile Just a quick entry to let you know that we are in and slowly getting settled.  Comms is still an issue with the home phone installed but the business line (and broadband) cocked up by Telecom – the work was ordered at the same time with the same person and they still managed to get it wrong! 🙁 I managed to get a dial up connection working though and here we are……..

The move itself went pretty well with the rain holding off for most of it.  The guys that moved us were really careful and everything seems to have made it without any damage.  All our furniture is in and the place looks even bigger (which I didn’t think was possible!) I was worried about various things being cramped up but we have loads of room.

That’s all for now – I’ll post photos of each room once we have things even vaguely put away. 

see ya


on June 26, 2004

It’s Friday afternoon and this is the last post before I pack up the PC and get it ready to move.

Hopefully the money is whizzing between lawyers so we can settle and take ownership of our new house – if not I’ll let you know smile The telecom engineer doesn’t come to the new house until Monday so it’ll be at least 4 days before the next post (quicker than the recent track record of posts suggests you say wink)

Max has been a bit unsettled the last few days with all the packing etc. so hopefully he’ll be OK.

See you soon smile



on June 24, 2004

Updates have been/are going to be sporadic at best over the next week or so. We have two days before we take ownership of our house and three days until we move so life is a bit mental.

House news:

? The carpet went down yesterday and the day before. They ran out of carpet so we have 8 bare stairs.  The rest of it looks nice though!

? The driveway was poured today but we can’t drive on it for 5 days. This means that the movers will have to lug all our heavy shit an extra five yards…..shame smile

? We now have power and gas to the house – just as well really.

? The kitchen appliances turned up today and should be installed tomorrow.

I think that’s it – sorry if it’s boring for you but it is our life at the moment.

flooring pics


on June 21, 2004

The pictures in the extended entry show what two days of work get you – a new floor!

continue reading..



on June 21, 2004

Man, I am absolutely knackered!!

We are less than a week away from moving onto the new house (YAY!) and Vic and I, with the help of my Dad yesterday, have spent the last two days from 09:00 until sunset laying wooden flooring in the family room and kitchen and damn it looks good smile I have some pictures but can’t be arsed going upstairs and getting them……. maybe tomorrow.

In other news I did two things that I haven’t done for a while.

1) I gave blood on Thursday.  The first time in about 4 years and my 38th donation.

2) I paid for some software!  MS Office 2003 Standard for $199! A bargain and it just goes to show that if software is reasonably priced then I’ll buy it wink



on June 11, 2004

500 bucks per line!

It’s going to cost $500 dollars per line to get a phone line into our new house (and I need 2) The cable runs right outside our front door and it’s surrounded by other houses so it’s not like they have to run wiring into the countryside.  $1000 down the drain.

F*cking Telecom and their virtual monopoly!!!!!!!!!!!

I am well pissed off………. and there is nothing I can do about it ‘cos there’s no other suppliers to 98% of the country.