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you know you travel too much when….


on March 12, 2008

…. you get invited to your national airline’s coporate golf day!

When you ask how it is you were invited they say, and I quote from the email, “We invited you as a high level frequent flyer and also from our records we were of the understanding that you were a keen golfer”

C’mon March 28th 🙂


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on October 5, 2007

So one of the reasons that I stopped blogging is that I was so busy.  In the last few months the company that I work for has gone from three staff in-country to one, me.  What this has meant is not only has my workload increased but my travel has increased as well.  The original plan was for me to travel to Auckland two days every week to manage the business up there.  Great in theory but it’s ended up being three days often and even four days at time.  To give you some idea of what Vic has to put up with this is my travel coming up:

Next week 8th-12th October:  Not too bad – Auckland Thursday and Friday

The week after is where it starts to get fun 🙂  On Thursday I fly to Auckland and spend Thursday and Friday on my normal Auckland stuff.  I stay Friday night so that I can get up early to fly to Tokyo (a nice little 11.5 hour flight)  Mon-Wed is spent training in Tokyo and I leave on Thursday to get back to Wellington on Friday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon (yep, 48 hours later) I fly to Sydney so that I’m there for Monday morning and the start of a three day sales meeting.  Wednesday afternoon it’s a flight from Sydney to Auckland and after two days there it’s back to Wellington on Friday evening.

So as you can see things are a bit hectic…….

Even so I’ll try to keep up the blog, even if it’s just  to point out interesting things I find on the web 🙂

Happy Birthday

Marc, Ramblings

on June 27, 2007

It is Marc’s birthday today. Hardly saw him as he had to work, but we’ve just come home from having a very nicewindows 10 product key meal at Taste in Khandallah this evening – just the two of us which was lovely.

I know I to do an update – so much to tell, so little time! Will try to get one done this weekend 🙂

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Another month gone….

Elliot, Marc, Max, Ramblings

on April 20, 2007

Bet you were wondering what we’ve been up to? I realise the last big update was a month ago – we’ve been pretty busy, so I’ll just note the major things we’ve done:

Marc’s football team had a pre-season game on Sunday 25 March which they won, and Marc’s legs seem to be OK (he was out for most of last season with Achilles problems). He’s played again a couple of times since then, and all’s going well.

I did a turn at parent help at Max’s kindy before end of term. It was nice to see what Max gets up to there and how much he’s changed since he first started going. The younger kids now follow him around including three or four girls who always want to play with him. He’s off to morning kindy at the beginning of next term (five mornings a week) so he’ll be the youngest for a little while. It will be interesting to see which of the big kids he follows around!

We’ve also spent a lot of time with Ian and Ngahuia – who live down the road (both colleagues of Marc when he worked at Dell – and he now works with Ngahuia at NetApp). Ian’s daughter Megan has been in New Zealand (visiting from the UK) so we took Ian and Megan along with us to playgroup, music, swimming, Junglerama, and the local park. Max and Megan are a couple of weeks apart in age and got on really well….

We also spent a lovely relaxing weekend with them at their holiday home over the hill in the Wairarapa. The weather was great and the kids (and I&N’s dogs) spent most of the weekend running outside.

The following week was end of term for playgroup, music and kindy – with Max having a party at kindy on the last day – not because he is moving up to morning kindy – but because Linda (his favourite teacher) was leaving to move to another kindergarten. She has been fantastic with him and he (and the other children too) will really miss her.

My mum also had her birthday during that week, so the boys and I had lunch with her, and that night Marc and I, my sister Ali and her partner Clay took mum out for dinner to a fantastic Cambodian restaurant in town where we had a lovely meal – we’ll be going back again I’m sure.

Easter was nice but busy. I attempted to make Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday. I used the recipe in my breadmaker book and they turned out to be absolutely revolting – next year I’ll do it the real way and knead everything by hand. Saturday the boys had a birthday party to go to for Max’s friend James who was turning 4. His party was great and the kids enjoyed a treasure hunt, pass the parcel and playing musical statues (which was entertaining as it’s pretty hard for 4 year olds to stand still!) After the party we went to Ian and Ngahuia’s for a BBQ – the weather was pretty mild so we sat outside to eat dinner (possibly the last time for a little while though). Sunday the boys were excited to find the Easter bunny had left them an Easter egg each, and they also enjoyed running around outside finding the ones hidden there.

They were also given Easter treats by Ali and Clay, Nana Jan, Grannie Annie, Clay’s little niece Emma (she’s not even one yet!) and some money from Grandad Len and Ngaire – thank you to all of you. The rest of the weekend is a blur as it went past so quickly, but I know we enjoyed a really nice BBQ dinner at Grannie Annie’s, we collected and put together bunk beds for Max, moved the boys bedrooms around, farwelled Megan, Marc played football, and I managed to do a little bit of gardening too!

We then had two weeks of school holidays to fill – so have had lunch on various days with Marc, Grannie and Nana, morning tea with Auntie Ali, various playdates with Max’s kindy friends, a visit to the library, a birthday party for my friend Nickie’s son Ryan who turned 2, and Max and I did lots of weeding and hacking of bushes on fine afternoons while Elliot slept. Marc is currently away (for the second week of the holidays) on a training course in Sydney so it’s been pretty hard going entertaining both of them all day, everyday! Thankfully he gets back tonight.

I’m also busy setting up a little business so that should kick off in the next couple of weeks – I’ll tell you more about that soon.

Not making any promises but I am going to try to update more often (more than once a month anyway) in the future!

And off he goes …

Elliot, Marc, Max, Ramblings

on March 3, 2007

300-115 Marc has gone to the States for two weeks for his new job induction and training. He used to travel a bit with his last job, so now I’m used to dealing with the boys by myself. It just means I have to be a bit more organised – sorting out bags, snacks or lunch boxes the night before for whatever we have planned the next day, and while Elliot sleeps in the afternoon and Max is at kindy I get dinner organised (instead of doing housework or surfing the net:)). We’ve even got our bedtime routine sorted out so Max tidies away the toys while I bath or shower Elliot. All in all for the most part it’s not too bad and I no longer dread the thought of Marc going away. In fact it means I have one less person to tidy up after (sorry honey!) although I do have all the dishes to do myself!

This morning started off bright and early – I picked up mum at 7.00am and we headed over the hill to Martinborough (about an hour away) to the Martinborough Fair which is held the first Saturday in February and March every year. Got there nice and early so didn’t have to pay for parking this year, and it also meant it wasn’t too hot. Managed to get a good selection of native plants (so hopefully fairly low maintenance) for planting on our bank, a couple of t-shirts for the boys, a lovely cd rack made of macrocarpa, and of course a bag of coconut ice for all my boys.

300-101 We headed back around lunchtime, so I got home in time to take Marc to the airport for his flight to Auckland and then onto San Fransisco. The boys love the airport and are so excited to see the planes taking off and landing, the little trucks with the bags on, the fire engines and this time they got to see the rescue helicopter flying off as well.

Now we’ll just see how the next two weeks go …..