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even more teeth


on May 20, 2008

Just a quick entry to say something I had forgotten to say.

Max now has four adult teeth! Two molars came through last week and so now he has the two bottom front teeth and two completely new top molars at the back.

little dribblers

Football, Max

on May 18, 2008

Max had his first game of football (soccer) today with the little dribblers football club πŸ™‚ Unfortunately Vic and I are in Sydney but supposedly Max’s team won 4-2 and Max scored a goal! He also got a certificate for player of the day!



on May 12, 2008

Vic and I are back from our weekend in Auckland and had a fantastic time.Β  The food at Dine was divine and we had a nice relaxing time catching up with friends and wandering around the shops.Β  Those that keep an eye on my Twitter feed will also know what we had to eat that evening πŸ™‚

The title of this post comes from the experience that Vic an I had this morning.

Max got up to go the the toilet and blow his nose (both the boys have colds) at about six a.m. and then muttered someting about “going back to sleep” – yeah right! ThisΒ  from a boy that usually gets up between five thirty and six.

At seven thirty we had to go upstairs to get him up and he was still fast asleep!Β  I don’t think he has ever slept that long but he was in a great mood this morning for a change.

melt your heart moment


on May 6, 2008

I just had a “kids just melt your heart” moment πŸ™‚

Max’s class is having swimming lessons this week and are off to the pool every morning.Β  Max is not a big fan of the water and didn’t enjoy it yesterday at all but this morning managed to get his face underwater which was a big step for him.

Tonight I was putting him to bed and I said how proud I was of him for doing that and that I was also really impressed with his reading skills.Β  He looks up at me, puts his arm around my neck, says “thanks for saying that Dad” and gives me a big hug.

I think that will keep me going for a while πŸ™‚

world famous in the northern suburbs


on March 6, 2008

Max was walking to school a couple of weeks ago on the walking school bus and as he neared school he and one of his friends (along with parents) were asked if they wanted to pose for a photo. The photographer was from our local newspaper The Norwester and they were doing a story on walking to school rather than driving.

The funny thing is that although Max regularly walks to school it was David’s first day on the “bus” πŸ™‚ Here’s the whole story.




on February 13, 2008

So here I am stuck in Auckland on a training course for the week missing Max’s first full week at school πŸ™

Luckily I get to speak to the whole family on a regular basis so I’ve managed to keep in touch with him to a degree. He’s started to bring homework home and at the moment it’s a set of early learning books called “readers” which only have 3-4 words per page. I always call in the morning and Vic says that when he hears the phone he races downstairs to get his latest book and then we put him on speaker phone so he can read to me – it’s very cool πŸ™‚

I was also away for his second day at school last friday and when I asked Vic to email me with how it went this is what she sent:

As we were walking up the school drive Max said β€œmummy I can do this myself” but I told him I have to walk him to his classroom.
He hung up his bag, put his Phoenix cap in, took out his journal bag, rushed into his classroom, put the journal bag into the box, grabbed his school hat out of his tote tray and said β€œI’m going to play now”. I hung around in the playground till the bell went but he ran straight past me and into his classroom. Looked in through the window – he put his hat away and sat down on the mat. Guess he’s got it sorted!

On his second day!

Oh well – back to my course I guess……

max’s first day at school


on February 7, 2008

Max’s first day at school today!

It all went surprisingly well too with Max showing no signs of trepidation this morning and showing nothing but positive signs this afternoon.

We turned up a little bit early so that he could just sit and watch what was going on in the playground – he had voiced some concerns over “what the big kids might do” when we put him to bed last night. A couple of his mates from kindy are in the same class so within about five minutes they were all tearing around the playground without a care in the world. We had dropped his books off in his classroom earlier and as soon as the bell went he went flying past us, into his classroom and sat of the floor facing the teacher without a word to us! The only reason that we got a goodbye is because I stood in the doorway and yelled out to him! πŸ™‚

After school (which finishes at 2pm for the new entrants in their first week) he was a typical kid (already)

What did you do today at school


What kind of stuff

I don’t remember…

Typical! πŸ™‚

All in all it went really well and here’s hoping it lasts.

max on his first day at school

Max and his mate Freddy outside school

max on his first day at school

Max hanging up his bag

lots a happenin’

Elliot, Max

on January 28, 2008

OK – so no update for a while but a lot of milestones and happenings in the boy’s lives

  • We are now in week two of potty training for Elliot (second time around) and he’s doing really well. We are looking at about an accident every two days but it’s usually when he’s really busy and just forgets. The interesting thing is that he’s been dry at nights as well.
  • In relation to this we had a lovely thing happen. Max and Elliot had got up one morning last week and wandered downstairs to play and watch some telly. Vic and I stayed in bed and about 15 minutes later Max came up and I asked him what he was doing. “Getting underpants for Elliot” was his reply and my first thought was “Oh God, what’s happened?” What had happened though is Elliot had said that he wanted to go to the toilet and Max had gone off and found the potty, taken Elliot’s PJ trousers and nappy off, made sure he was sitting properly and when Elliot had finished had come upstairs to get him some clothes πŸ™‚ Bless him πŸ™‚
  • Max has almost lost his second baby tooth – it’s so wiggly that I think it’ll come out in the next day or two. The amazing thing is his adult tooth that came through way behind his first lost baby tooth has now moved almost all the way into place!
  • Max can now ride his bike with no training wheels! I took him down to the park yesterday morning and after a few times holding on to the seat he was off on his own and doing really well. After about 30 minutes at the park he was starting off OK, riding for at least 100 yards in a big circle back to me, braking with front and back brakes and turning pretty sharp corners! Later that day I took him down to a different field and he was going over rough ground that earthmovers had been using. By the end of the day he was doing circuits of the back yard and going up some pretty big bumps when moving from grass to paving. I’m so proud of him πŸ™‚