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on November 10, 2008

What a great last few days!

Vic and I left last Wednesday for Sydney and the Phoenix vs Sydney FC game on Friday night.

Thursday and Friday were spent shopping and just enjoying each others company. Then Friday night came around and it was game time!
We started off at the Fox and Lion pub where we managed to get about 30 Phoenix supporters together and that’s where the Jägerbombs started.  Multiple drinks later, and after some little toe-rag stole my scarf, we were off to the football stadium for the 8pm kickoff.
From the NZ Herald

A last minute penalty gave the Wellington Phoenix a 2-1 upset win over Sydney FC in football’s A-League.
Shane Smeltz converted an 89th minute spot kick after Sydney captain Tony Popovic handled his cross inside the penalty area.
Leo Bertos gave Wellington a 1-nil lead after powering a near-post header past the Sydney goalkeeper in the 34th minute.
Sydney looked as if it might escape with a point after a 77th minute equaliser.

Behind the goal after the second goal there were far too may overweight men waving their shirts around their heads, me included.  Vic got a lot of comments when she picked up Max from school so unfortunately my belly on the telly didn’t pass everyone by…… it even made the national sports program tonight!

It was really nice to get away for a few days with Vic and I think she enjoyed the break from the boys.  The poor thing will need it when I’m away for two weeks!

After all that it was nice to get home to the boys and huge thanks to both their Grandmothers for looking after them over the weekend.

Now I need to make the most of it before I leave for Prague on Thursday.

loss of arm

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on November 4, 2008

As you know Vic and I are off to Sydney tomorrow.  The strangest thing is that I will be travelling without a laptop!  Travelling so much with work it will feel very strange and I’m sure that there will be times where I’ll panic because my bag is too light 🙂

I’ll still have my Blackberry so I won’t be totally out of touch…….

Hunter Valley again – bored yet? 😉


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on October 14, 2008

Still here!  Not much happening really – same shit different day.

Vic has just got over two weeks of school holiday hell and being really busy with her cards business but nothing really stick out.

Oh, we cut Elliot’s hair so I’ll post a picture soon 🙂

old mcdonald?

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on September 8, 2008

So all four of us are lying in bed on Sunday morning and Vic says to the boys “do remember what day it is today?”

Elliot looks at Max and shouts out:

“Happy farmer’s day!”

A funny way to start off father’s day 🙂

new passport design


on September 3, 2008

I came across this article today that explained how the New Zealand government has approved a new design for our passport.  The old one is pretty boring and looks like many others around the world while this new one certainly will stand out.

I like it!

s’not funny!


on August 31, 2008

I so have to get one of these shower gel dispensers for the boys!

Newflash – stork delivers!


on August 18, 2008

A very hearty congratulations to our friends Jay and Larry who are living in London at the moment and after three days of to-ing and fro-ing got around to delivering a baby boy (name unconfirmed) on Sunday 17 August 2008 at 2:15am and weighing in at 9 pounds and 2 ounces.

Update:  We can now say welcome to Thomas Lauchlan Jackett

Vic, Rico and I raised our drinks to the new addition after the Phoenix game yesterday (email came in during the game) to say well done and welcome to the world baby Jackett!

Cheers to baby Jackett (and Mum and Dad)

Cheers to baby Jackett (and Mum and Dad)



on August 11, 2008

21:00 – Max throwing up, Vic throwing up, me feeling queasy and Elliot asleep (so far).  Going to be a fun night…..