new tv…


on April 3, 2002

..and one that works!  i took the one we bought yesterday back today and got it replaced.  the new one works fine (although the reds seem very strong) but had to go through a palaver to get it done.

i told the chap on the service desk that i had a faulty tv – “sure thing” he said “we’ll send an engineer out” “no you won’t” i replied “i have the tv in the car and the big sign behind your head says that you will replace faulty goods within 28 days of purchase – get someone to give me a hand with it”

after getting the 28” wide screen tv out of the car (44kg BTW), unpacking it, plugging in the power and aerial, switching it on, tuning it in and then him saying “yes it is very out of focus” i got my replacement tv……. good old english customer service!

it’s nice not having to squint anymore grin


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