nurse betty…


on April 9, 2002

saw one of the strangest movies last night – nurse betty – starring morgan freeman, =”,+Ren%E9e” target=”_blank]renee zellweger [/url]and chris rock

basically the plot is:  soap opera addicted woman sees cheating, sleaze-ball, car salesman husband scalped then killed.  freaked out woman has psychotic episode……. sod it! read the synopsis here

anyway it’s weird movie that i really wanted to end ‘cos it was confusing/embarrassing me – you know when you almost can’t watch something ‘cos you’re SO embarrased for the person?….. hmm, maybe you don’t :zoink:

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2 Responses to “nurse betty…”

  1. Lea says:

    Actually, I’m like that, too, with movies.  😐 If I get too embarassed FOR the character, I feel like leaving the room or screaming or something.  For example, I couldn’t watch it in Zoolander when Ben Stiller’s character went up to pick up an award HE DIDN’T WIN!!!  AAAA!  My family thinks I’m weird.  haha.

  2. marc says:

    Omigod – I saw that movie in the middle of a 12 hour flight (London-LA) and know EXACTLY the scene you are talking about!  The only problem is I couldn’t press the mute button or change channels ‘cos the plane only had a big screen and not those lovely individual TV’s 🙁

    I also couldn’t stop myself watching – it’s kinda like an emotional car wreck – you HAVE to watch!