on April 14, 2002

the super six went out for dinner last nite to turkish restaurant called tas.  time out had this to say about it:

This airy, glass-fronted restaurant offers Turkish food with a twist, rather than the standard classic dishes. Expect the likes of mussel soup with coriander and ginger, and inventive seafood and casseroles.

which to be honest pretty much sums it up.  the food was very nice but, as usual, i ate far too much.  i blame the bread…… they put out this yummy bread which you promptly dip into the exquisite light hummus (which seems like a fantastic idea after the two pints of boddingtons at =”http://www.georgeinn-southwark.co.uk/” target=”_blank]the george[/url] prior to dinner) and you think that’s it – but no – they bring more bread, and keep bringing bread throughout the entire meal!  by the time we’d had a few bottles of wine and caught the bus home i was beyond the point of being full and into the point of pain………..

do you ever have that feeling where you are so bloated that you just want some gigantic version of your mother to put you over their shoulder and burp you?

no? must just be me then.


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