me no lazy..


on April 15, 2002

well not much.  we did actually pop out for a wee while and watch some of the 35,000 partcipants in the years london marathon file past our house.

here’s the eventual women’s winner paula radcliffe (#111) at the 10 mile mark. the press are going crazy over here – she’s british, it was her first marathon and she came within 9 seconds of the world record (her time was the fastest ever in a women’s only race) the mens world record was also broken.


there are some more photos here but they’re not very good – some of the costumes are funny though smile

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3 Responses to “me no lazy..”

  1. meegan says:

    marc, your blog looks so great.  congrats!  i love the colors.

  2. Christine says:

    You weren’t kidding!  Some of those costumes are really funny!

  3. guruvious says:

    I dream about running a marathon.

    (that’s enough exercise for me)

    Site looks great, BTW.