semi pissed…


on April 27, 2002

well it’s just after 23:15 and vic and i have just got home from the local pub (ship and whale) after a great evening with david, claire, richi and fi.  mucho californian sav blanc and not bad food smile

i love vic 😎

i love my friends :vbg:

life’s not bad

although i felt very old and very fat yesterday i’m over that now!

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3 Responses to “semi pissed…”

  1. meegan says:

    is semi-pissed like semi-sweet, or semi-colon, or semi…?

  2. marc says:

    semi pissed = half cut smile

    semi anything really!

  3. branOphelia says:

    hoorah for old and fat!  we all become it one day.  roll with it, baybee!