hmmm… had a call from my ex-step-mother (it gets complicated) asking if i knew anything about my father being taken into hospital with heart problems!

no – i said, news to me (note: she lives here in the uk, my father lives in new zealand, about as far away as you can get) so i said i would chase it up and let her know if i heard anything.  (note2:  this was at 23:00 gmt on sunday – 10:00 monday nzt)

so i tried calling my brother only to find that the number has been disconnected! damn!!  at this stage i thought that maybe the number in my palmVx is wrong so call my mother (also in NZ) to confirm the number.  she informs me that my brother moved this weekend and has no landline yet – double damn!!

aha, i think – cellphone!  try my brothers cellphone and it’s not bloody well turned on…………….leave a message (phew)

another idea – call my brother’s wife’s cellphone – another call to my mother gets me this number and at last i can speak to someone that at least cares about my dad to some degree.

no-one knows anything!

so after all that i leave it in Selena’s hands and am off to bed to await a call back at some stage…………….

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