the end cometh


on May 8, 2002

the end of another long bank holiday weekend that is 🙁

vic and i spent it with the rest of the super six at the wee village of thornham, suffolk. the village is on the coast in the east of england and is known for it’s bird sanctuaries.

claire had booked us into this cottage (the virtual tour is cute) and from the looks of it it was built in the 1700’s

the weather wasn’t much cop unfortunately so the weekend was spent playing PS2 (for the boys) and drinking (y’all must think all i do is drink!)

on saturday i was awake early and so went for a walk to the beach just before seven.  after living in the middle of london for four years it is always nice to get out into the country and this was no exception.  it was very strange to have birdsong as the only noise for about 30 minutes.  i took ALL my camera gear but only took about 12 frames the whole weekend due to the weather, most of them on this walk.

sunday we all went to sandringham.  this estate is one the queens estates and is in regular use by her and her family.  it was ok at best and the tour of the house only took in a few rooms.  all in all a bit disappointing for 6 quid really.

sunday nite was spent with vic drinking fluffy ducks and being the cutest i’ve seen her for a while and me making up random drinks with whatever was handy (bad move……)

and that was it!  another weekend spent with friends recovering from hectic weeks.

did anyone else do anything interesting?

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4 Responses to “the end cometh”

  1. Got Sara? says:

    sounds very cool. 

    So on my calendar for the 6th it says “Early May Bank Holiday (Eire, UK).  Is that what you were celebrating?

  2. marc says:

    that’s the one smile it’s not really celebrating per se though.  AFAIK it’s just a public holiday.

  3. autumn says:

    what are fluffy ducks?

    sounds like you had a grand time anyways

  4. marc says:

    It’s a cocktail that’s yellow in colour.  I think Vic makes it this way:

    Equal measures of Vodka, Advocaat and cream.


    Mix the vodka, advocaat and cream in a hi-ball glass with crushed ice.

    Pour into a glass and mix with Lemonade at the same time.

    Mix gently so that the lemonade doesn’t froth up too much.