uneventful weekend


on May 21, 2002

Well the weekend has come and gone and too quickly at that 🙁

Did sod all this weekend.  Vic and I spent saturday morning in the center of London getting the battery in my Longines watch replaced.  I have found a place in Bond St that replaces batteries in an hour or so instead of the 3 weeks that some of the high street stores take.  I also used them for my Tag Heuer a while back as they can pressure test to 200m.

Sunday morning Richard and I went to Spitalfields Market.  I wanted to have a chat to the pro that judged the photo competition I won last week and so we thought we’d get together for a coffee. The food stalls there are great and it was very hard to stick my diet :zoink:  but I did……….

Besides that we did f*ck all except chill out and speak to our family back in NZ!

I did however come across this very funny link (IMO) .  It may make sense to church-goers but just made me laugh.

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One Response to “uneventful weekend”

  1. Bekah says:

    Hrm…maybe those churches are onto something…

    Next they’ll install an ATM so people don’t have to come begging for money in the church, they can just take some out of the ATM, and the congregation can just keep putting more money into it.

    ::sigh:: People do stupid things.