on May 28, 2002

Synopsis: Busy but uneventful weekend had by London based Kiwi.

X-pan: Had real trouble getting my head around the panoramic format.  I really takes a whole new way of thinking that I have an idea would take a while to get.  Spent 8 hours on Saturday taking photos both on my my own and with a buddy of mine Mark.  I took the 2 films in to be developed and printed today (48 quid for 1 colour and 1 B&W neg film – bugger me!) I’m not getting them scanned so y’all probably won’t get to see them.  If need be I’ll scan the prints on my cheapo flatbed.

Brunch: Sunday morning Vic, Richi, Fi and I went to Wapping Food for brunch.  I wanted to go ‘cos they had a photo exhibition based around September 11th. The pictures were quite amazing and some of them were printed at 5m square! The impact of the photos almost made up for the rather mediocre food.  Everybody else’s eggs were stone cold when they turned up and so were promptly sent back.  Cold + hard boiled I can live with but cold + runny just creeps me out!


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