weekend so far


on June 4, 2002

Three days into our four day weekend and things are very relaxed.

Saturday was spent catching up with friends (again! smile) Lunch was Dim Sum (Yum Cha in NZ) with Steve and Geetha who moved to London about a week ago.  Dinner was spent on the banks of the Thames in the sun with David, Claire and Richard.

Sunday – well football of course! England 1 – 1 Sweden.  Lucky to get away with the draw too!

Today Vic and I went out to Europe’s largest shopping mall – Bluewater.  4 hours later I had bought a t-shirt – that’s it!  4 hours and one item was all I had to show for it 🙁

BLOODY ANNOYING! I went into Starbucks to buy a bottle of water and spotted something that Vic and I have been after for ages – one of those things you use to compress coffee when using an espresso machine (anyone know what they are called?) They had the US and Canadian prices on it but no UK pricing.  The US price was $4.95 – this is equivalent to ?3.38 at todays rate (remember that figure) I took it up to the counter thinking “OK – UK prices are often the same in pounds as dollars so expect to pay about 5 quid”

“How much is this” I asked

The young lady behind the counter punched the code into the till and replied ”Seven pounds fifty sir”

Now I would have usually just said “no thanks” but was so astounded that they would want over twice as much for it that I had to say “you have got to be joking! You are seriously asking me to pay ?7.50 for something that is labeled the equivalent of ?3.40!!”

Her answer was “They ship them in from overseas”

Of course they do!  I can’t imagine any UK manufacturer making these (Italian, yes) but 220% of the US cost!

And they are surprised when people use the term “Rip Off Britain”?

Bugger me sideways with a rubber fork! angry

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3 Responses to “weekend so far”

  1. karen says:

    well, I can’t do a fork.. but how bout a spork? LOL smile

  2. autumn says:

    its called a tamper…coffee geek coming out in me…

  3. marc says:

    Sporks must be one of the strangest things invented…….

    A tamper – of course it is – d’oh.  I found a hand made one on the web 80 USD! ouch!