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on June 12, 2002

I haven’t been getting out into the blogworld much over the last few days 🙁

The reason is I’ve been trying to (re)create a website that I visit – Clieworld.

The webmaster, Shaun, handwrites all the individual entries by hand, manually archives etc and I sent him an email saying “there is a better way!” So the last few days have been spent retrofitting some of the site into MT2.11.  It would have been fairly painless but I wanted to do it all in php so I could minimise the effort by using include statements etc and also opening the door for future functionality.

This would have followed the normal process of coding html then loading up to the server ad infinitum except for the fact that my webhost was (and still is) being a bit tardy with changing the permissions on the test directory that I’d set up on my site.  It just so happened that I visited the scriptygoddess website as I do most days and happened upon a link that stepped through how to get php working on the desktop so that one can try out new things without having to upload to your host.  Then, of course, I had to get CGI scripts working locally……….

Another walk-through later and the end result is I now have Apache server 2.0.36, PHP 4.2.1 and ActivePerl 5.6.1 all working together on my desktop and can run html, php, cgi etc locally smile MT runs very fast locally I can tell you! :vbg:


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