Marc’s Musings reviewed


on June 25, 2002

A few months ago, when I thought this weblog was going to be even vaguely interesting, I submitted it to be reviewed at the weblog review.

Well now it has.  You can read the review here. Not exactly the greatest review but I find it hard to disagree with anything they have to say.  I think that if I put my heart and soul into this and/or had any writing/web design talent then I might be more upset wink

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5 Responses to “Marc’s Musings reviewed”

  1. miz Jenna says:

    Interesting, eh? .. Im not quite sure I would want mine reviewed though .. LOL .. I dont think too many people would actually call it more then a 1.5 or so wink

  2. Tom says:

    I think the ranking was too low.  I read your site all the time and always find it to be much more entertaining and informative than the reviewer did.  I did what I could, giving you a higher viewer rating to help bring it back up – not simply to help, but because I thought it deserved it.

    Just being honest here: I have to say that registering just to post comments is easily the most annoying thing I have ever encountered on a weblog.  If I didn’t already enjoy this site, it would make me back out and never come back.  I think it’s going to hurt your site if you keep that option up.  PLUS, if you’re going to insist on registering people, PLEASE include the rules for name length, spaces, etc, on the page you register on.  I had to go through that thing about 4 times just to register, resubmitting my password over and over.  It also worries me – where is this password stored?  I don’t know if I’m like others or not, but I tend to use the same password on most things I log into.  Now you or anyone who gets access to the passwords could have access to things I’d like them to not have access to.

  3. Karen says:

    Definately brave… I don’t want them reading my site LOL

  4. Marc says:

    Brave? – dunno.  Stupid? – probably.  Thanks anyway

    Tom – After the debacle at blogsnob I understand your concerns.  I know that I am getting less comments than before I changed to pMachine and required registration.  Whether that’s the content or the (very simple) registration procedure I don’t know.  I know that whenever I visit I have to enter my details every time!  I know that I can just leave a name but I want people to contact me smirk and entering all my details everytime I visit a site IMO is worse than registering.  Of course this doesn’t stop me visiting!

    I agree about the rules and will look into that – thanks!

    As for where the passwords are stored at lease I can answer that one.  They are stored in a pasword protected mySQL database on a server seperate to the blog.  They are also stored in an encrypted form within that database.  For example the password for my test account shows up as 02a8f86144dedd1ec2f3ed3d86c06162 :zoink: 

  5. Bekah says:

    Okay, registering for the commenting wasn’t as nearly annoying as Tom’s comments…Sorry, Tom, but it also takes a damn long time to actually publish my comment on your site. (Not to mention re-entering my information EVERY time).

    I gave them my site address. I’m afraid they’re going to rip off my head and shit down my neck about it. “It’s awful. I don’t see why she has readers”, etc. I’m worried about the results, which will hit me like a surprise because I turned in my information a couple of days ago and I know it’ll be two or three months before I’m review’d. Eek.