on July 2, 2002

Another weekend over and another dent in our wallet! (luckily not too big smile)

Vic’s been really busy at work the last few weeks so our weekends tend to be spent relaxing and recharging the batteries for the upcoming week.  This weekend however was slightly different in that we had my birthday dinner on Saturday night.

The super six met at our place for a few pre-dinner drinks.  60 minutes, 1 bottle of Taittinger, 2 bottles of Veuve Clicquot , some cans of Guinness and some nibbles later we were on the 381 bus and on our way to the Mill Street Cafe at Tower Bridge.

Mill Street is our usual hang-out for special occasions and so we knew we were in for an enjoyable night!  Our friends Angus and Prithvi met us there and the red wine started to flow………..

Not much to say really except the food was great (my fillet steak was about 2 inches thick and cooked to medium perfection), the company was in fine form, and because we were all half cut by the time we got there the bill wasn’t too outrageous wink

A quick bus trip back home at about midnight and it was coffee and birthday cake all around.  The lovely Claire had bought a cake around on Thursday (she’s so thoughtful smile)and so the night wound down to a close. 

Thanks to everyone for the great presents and for making it an enjoyable birthday.


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