on July 8, 2002

What a great time we had yesterday :vbg:

The super six spent Saturday 6th July in the fresh air drinking New Zealand wines and eating New Zealand foods at ToastNZ.

Toast New Zealand was a food and wine festival that acted as a showcase for NZ wines, food and products.  Over 6,000 people attended and it was held in the grounds of Syon House in west London.

Tickets were a bit steep at 28 GBP (42.50 USD/87.50 NZD) and once you got there you had to shell out at the very least 4 GBP (6 USD/12.50 NZD) for a 150ml (5 oz) glass of wine 🙁 Given the cost of it though a great day was had by all I think.  We got there about noon and nabbed quite possibly the last table available.  This was a great boon as people weren’t releasing tables so if you missed out at the beginning you were screwed.

6 hours of fine NZ wines, mediocre to good NZ food (yay for kumara chips, venison burgers and pavlova!) great weather and a well behaved crowd later we were back on the tube to the hour long trip home.  We had all got a bit of sun and Vic was knackered so we came straight home while the others went out for dinner in Knightsbridge.

At 2 am I woke with a very upset stomach and a pounding headache and needed some middle of the night repairs – painkillers, antacids and loads of water later I managed to fall back to sleep and the slept in until 9:15!!  Most unusual for me……….

Today has been spent chilling out and rushing to get KFC at 15:00 when Vic said in no uncertain terms that she “needed KFC right now!” smile So now I’m sitting here typing this and feeling slightly queasy.

I didn’t take my camera but did take my clie and there are some lo-res hots of our day here

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2 Responses to “toastNZ”

  1. Claire says:

    It was indeed a great day. NZ Sav Blanc is the best in the world. Great people watching too. However I vote Marc gives that dodgy hat to Vic – looks much better on her.  And we all left with our dignity intact – unlike that guy eating the dirt as we left…

  2. Autumn says:

    hmmm kfc…interesting, I always get quite the aversion to chicken…except Burger king chicken whoppers…Terry got to “get one right now” for me yesterday…gotta love you dads!