on July 16, 2002

Busy weekend hence no entries until now – here it is in chronological order.

? The All Blacks beat Australia 12-6 in the opening match of the tri-nations :vbg:  Richie and Fi came around to watch the game which was a dour, error ridden, hard fought affair played in freezing rain.  v.nervous toward the end but neither team really looked like scoring a try and running away with the match.

? Then it was off out to the Bluewater shopping mall for a few hours in an attempt to find Vic some maternity trousers.  Even though she’s not really starting to show she is finding that more and more pairs of trouser aren’t comfortable any more.  Hours later we get back to the car with 3 maternity tops (of course!) Maybe next weekend…………..

? Watched the last couple of hours of the England vs India triangular series final What a game!! England scored a stunning 325 in the first innings and had India struggling on 146-5.  The Indian middle order came through though and India won with 3 balls and 2 wickets to spare.  Great stuff!

? Saturday night was relaxed with Japanese noodles for dinner and a bit of grocery shopping (such an exciting married couple!)

? Most of Sunday was spent with my Uncle Andrew’s family visiting them before they move a lot further away next week.  As with most of my family they are totally chilled and visiting them is always relaxing.  After a nice lunch sitting in the garden we spent some time watching the movie Spy Kids with Megan smile

? Then after a 2 hour drive back it was round to Richie and Fi’s for a BBQ to finish the weekend off.  We were going to see a movie but the weather was far too nice (for a change :() hence the food and wine instead.

So that’s it – another Cramer weekend over and back into work.  Stupid me has booked a day off on Thursday and then went and setup up a customer meeting! D’oh

Hope y’all had as nice a weekend as we did smile


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