goddammit it!

The RMT went on strike today and brought the entire Undergound network to a halt.  Vic’s trip to work usually take 45 mins.  I just called her and she is a third of the way home after one and a half hours!

I don’t want my newly pregnant wife to be stressed out, over heated and standing up all bloody afternoon.  Bastard union f*ckers! – Not happy! angry

Here’s some tube facts……

? Every Tube train travels the distance from London to Sydney (10,500 miles) seven times a year.

? The Tube carries as many individual passengers a year as the population of Australia (18 million).

? These passengers made 930 million trips in 1999 – the same as all the UK’s other train operators put together. In 2000, the number of trips topped one billion.

? During the three-hour morning peak, 34,000 people enter Victoria, London’s busiest Tube station.

? 150,000 people an hour enter the Tube system – enough to fill Wembley Stadium twice over.

? The London Underground has been known as The Tube since 1890, when the first deep-level electric railway line was opened.

? The Underground name first appeared on stations in 1908.

? London Underground’s world-famous logo, the roundel – a red circle crossed by a horizontal blue bar – was designed by calligrapher Edward Johnston and first appeared in 1913.

? 408 escalators and 112 lifts keep passengers moving throughout the system. Waterloo station has the most escalators, with 25.

? The Underground’s busiest station is Victoria, with 76.5 million passengers a year.


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