brighton films


on July 30, 2002

Damn it’s hot!  It was 30/86 at 09:00 this morning……….

Well, I got my films from Brighton back and they’re not toooo bad………. I’m even going to get a couple of prints done! :vbg:  This is the first time I’ve got prints done in about 20 films so I’m pretty happy.

The really stupid thing is I thought that the film I bought for the trip (Fuji Provia) was a negative film but it wasn’t it, was a transparency film!  Transparency film is much more sensitive to exposure errors and if you are more than about ? a stop out you’re pretty much screwed (negative film you can sometimes get away with 2 stops either way) The whole point of not shooting my normal outdoors film, Fuji Velvia was that I wanted the latitude that a negative film would give me.  Thinking that I was shooting neg film I was a little less exact in my metering and unfortunately paid the price as few of my shots are a tad underexposed 🙁

Oh well……….

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2 Responses to “brighton films”

  1. Bekah says:

    You know, sometimes you remind me of my friend Dan, because he constantly tells me about film types and negative types, etc. He’s had his own dark room built for a while and he’s still trying to ‘perfect’ the art of making his own prints. I don’t really get anything he tells me, I drop my film (Kodak) off at Walgreens to develop them. I’m so pass?, but I love photography….and sometimes I take good pictures. Definitely not pictures like *you* take pictures, but they’re good enough.

    Wow…didn’t mean to ramble here. Anyway. Phew. grin

  2. Marc says:

    Good ramble wink

    I’m very new to film and it’s all still a bit mysterious :zoink: