yet again


on July 30, 2002

Well, another weekend and yet again no entry until Monday!  This weekend was so busy!

On Saturday I travelled to Brighton, on the south coast, to spend a day with the people from my camera club taking photos.  The day was forecast to be overcast in the morning but quite warm which it did indeed turned out to be and the cloud cleared later to turn into a great afternoon.  I met my friends Nic and Adele (the ones I did the wedding photos for) at London Bridge at 08:30 and off we went…….

For this trip I really wanted to slow myself down so all I took was my Bronica ETRSi with three lenses (I rented a 150mm for the weekend), two film backs, filters, light meter and tripod. This camera does nothing for you – for every shot you have to use a handheld meter and make sure that the aperture and shutter speed are set correctly.  I screwed up a few shots by metering but then forgetting to change the shutter speed, d’oh! 

I was in Brighton from 10:00 until 19:30 and took 30 photos! (two rolls of 120 film) Yep, 9? hours and 30 frames of film exposed!  All you users of digicams out there (me included) will understand what a miniscule number of shots this is smile  I’m taking the film in today to be developed and might get a couple of shots I like.

I got home just before 22:00 sunburned (ouch!) and absolutely knackered.  A nice shower, into bed and then up just in time to go to Colin and Gill’s (Vic’s Uncle and Aunt) for a BBQ in Colchester.  The temp was about 30?C/86?F with a gentle breeze to take the edge off.  It was nice to see everyone but before long we were in the car for the trip home.  Got home, went to bed and all of a sudden it’s Monday morning.

My weekend – so busy and it disappeared so quickly! 🙁


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