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on August 24, 2002

Friday lunchtime – had breakfast? check, caught up on emails? check, cleaned guest bathroom to within an inch of it’s life? check wink

Vic’s Mum, Janet, is arriving in the UK from New Zealand tomorrow and Vic is understandably very excited.  It’s a long way from NZ.  How long? you ask:

? 1 hour flight Wellington to Auckland

? About 4 hours at Auckland for check-in, security etc

? 12 hour flight from Auckland to Los Angeles

? 2 hours in LA

? Another 12 hour flight from LA to London

? About 3 hours from touchdown to our house

So yeah it’s quite a long trip :dead:

Vic and I have been on a bit of a cleaning frenzy over the last couple of days. I’m not a big fan of cleaning but Vic gets very exact when people visit.  I think it’s mainly a girl thing…..

PS: Bloody shop screwed up my second lot of slides.  I took two films in at the same time to be developed and got a phonecall about a week later to say they were ready.  On picking them up I was told that only one had been finished and that the lab said that the other one would be ready the next day. I went in the next day only to be told that they couldn’t find my film. They called the lab and were told that it wouldn’t be ready until next Tuesday!!  How on earth can two films taken in on the same day be sent back almost a week apart? Bastards! 🙁

Given that it’s a 45 minute trip each way this is really turning out to be a pain in the arse!  Another problem is that all the shops seem to send slide film away to the same lab (big Kodak one somewhere) so taking my films to another shop isn’t going to help. The only option I have is to take it to a pro lab and pay twice as much 🙁

Bah humbug……


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