i now pronounce you……

What a busy weekend! We went to the wedding of Tony and Heather (Vic’s cousin) on Saturday and had a great time. It was held up near Ipswich so Saturday morning saw us leave home with Me, Vic, Ali and Janet shoehorned into my car that was packed to the gunwales with suitcases and hat boxes smile

We had left over 2 hours to do a trip that would normally take 1.5 but then ran into 2 accidents! The wedding was at 3 and we got to the hotel at 2:20 and still had to get ready. I was never going to have a problem but the girls had to get changed and put their warpaint on – they did extremely well and we were on our way by 2:45 and luckily the church was only 5 minutes down the road.

The ceremony went smoothly. Heather looked gorgeous and Tony handsome in his full dress uniform (he’s in the Army) The reception was a typical Wright family affair with a lot of very drunk people amusing/embarrassing everyone else smile

I took a couple of rolls of film including a roll of Ilford ISO 3200 so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out – I should know tomorrow.

Presents were opened and more food and drink consumed at the brides family home on Sunday and we had a great trip back last night.

All in all a good weekend :vbg:

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