ho hum


on September 5, 2002

Just a few things……..

  • Little House on the Prairie: The bad man got shot and the little girl died.
  • I got the photos back from the wedding and am more than happy with them. The colour shots are pin-sharp and the colours nicely saturated but neutral at the same time. The Ilford 3200 that was shot inside the church is grainy and lacks a bit of contrast which was expected. The position that I was in didn’t allow for many great shots but at least there will be a couple that the official photographer didn’t get. All in all the lens that I hired performed really well smile
  • I have no spare cash but I would love to buy this – just to play with really…….
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One Response to “ho hum”

  1. Gina says:

    I was wondering what happened on LHOTP.  I often find myself sitting down clicking channels and stopping to watch it. Just something about the show that still after, all these years, draws me to it.  :star: