bourne, jason bourne


on October 20, 2002

With Vic away I thought I’d pop out for a bite to eat and go to the movies to see a movie that she wouldn’t.

As I’m 2/3 of the way through reading The Bourne Identity I thought I’d go and see that. The only show today was 21:10 so at 21:00 I settled myself down in the theater and waited to be entertained…….

? I was surprised to have a child on each side of me! We are talking about 10-12 year olds here. I can’t remember going to see a movie that started after 9 at that age! Luckily they behaved for the 2 and a bit hours during the movie…….

? The good thing about the movie is seeing it hasn’t ruined the book at all.  I know that I’m only 2/3 through the book but if the rest of the it is as totally different as the movie then I won’t have even ruined the ending! lol!

Anyway it’s 00:30 and I have more slides to scan………..


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