Bugger! 🙁

One of the reasons for no recent posts is the fact that I’m rebuilding my PC after getting my first virus (the other is having nothing interesting happening) so I would like to preemptively apologise to anyone that has received an email from me with a screen-saver of some sort attached don’t open it! It creates all sorts of weird .dll files that are full of your email addresses and stops your anti-virus s/w working………

It’s a bugger as well because I need to work on a couple of pictures for the next photo club competition. You might remember that I came first and second in my first comp which was a bit embarrassing :emb:  Luckily (?) there is no way that this will happen this time – the shots I’m going to use are not really up to scratch but I’m going to enter them just to get them critiqued by a pro. 

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