sore eyes


on December 14, 2002

I got a free xbox yesterday! We had a promotion at work for selling specific IBM tape drives and as part of one of my deals I qualified for one – yay!

I went down to the local supermarket to buy a game on the way home but all they had was PS2 and Gamecube titles – I was gutted! And they had loads of these as well – not quite sure why they didn’t have xbox games as they have them on their website…….

Not to worry though as the console came with a game, and a very strange one at that – Jet Set Radio Future. This game has you roller-blading around a futuristic Tokyo covering up other peoples graffiti with your own. It’s a bit of a hoot and at least interesting enough to keep me in front of the TV for 5 hours last night! Vic was out at a team xmas dinner and I was going to pick her up so I had to stay up late anyway (she caught a cab home in the end) but I played from 19:00 until about midnight and didn’t even stop for dinner! Between no dinner last night and no breakfast this morning I’m a bit peckish………

Have a nice weekend everyone smile

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2 Responses to “sore eyes”

  1. Gina says:

    Wow cool!  I bought one for my husband last year and well now my son has taken it over smile We have quite a few games, but noticed that they aren’t in demand like ps2 and gamecube. Blech.  Have fun with your new toy! smile

  2. Bekah says:

    Very cool! I’d take one, too. grin