on December 20, 2002

.. or lack of it.

I can’t seem to find any time to work on my photoblog and yes I know it looks like crap, I’ve just started! wink I really need to get my head around exactly how I want to look and act like. Oh well, maybe over xmas…..

I generally seem to have a lack of time at the moment. Here’s a normal day:

06:30 Alarm goes off

07:00 Eventually get my ass out of bed (usually after having a wee chat with Fidget and cuddle with Vic

07:30 Leave the house

09:00 Get to work 🙁

17:30 Leave work

19:00 Get home

20:00 Start dinner

21:00 Finish dinner

After all that I’m knackered and really can’t be arsed doing anything more than chilling out.

Or maybe I just feel that way ‘cos my throat’s getting really sore and I’m getting stuck playing Splinter Cell on my x-box! lol!

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2 Responses to “time..”

  1. Gina says:

    Enjoy your weekend!! *hug*

  2. Jay says:

    Here’s what I did yesterday.

    6:30am – Alarm goes off

    7:25am – Get out of bed

    8:05am – In car off to work

    8:20am – Arrive in car park – traffic was bad smile

    8:25am – Find my park – it’s on the 6th floor!

    8:30am – Arrive @ work – plug laptop in – start log-on

    8:31am – Get cup of tea

    8:40am – Finish cup of tea

    8:45am – Logged on!

    8:46am – 12:25pm Work and goof around

    12:25pm – Head to Kopi for lunch

    2:30pm – Malthouse for a few and play pool

    4:00pm – Absinth

    6:00pm – Absinth

    7:00pm – Atlanta Bar? How did I get here?

    9:00pm – Somewhere else now?

    10:30pm(circa) – Tequila shot x2

    11:00pm – Turkey? How the fuck did I get to Turkey? Hang-on it’s a kebab shop

    12:00am – Hi honey, I’m home…