on January 6, 2003

Sunday night sitting in front of the TV watching The Browns vs The Steelers and The 49ers vs The Giants (some of y’all might understand what I’m talking about smile) The first game has just finished, the second about to start and my belly is full of curry – ahhhhhhhhhhhh

We have our one and only “parentcraft” class tomorrow (ante-natal to everyone) The midwives and doctors were crap at booking it and so here we are, two weeks from the due date and only just now getting to go to it! They used to have them spread throughout a couple of months but now just have a 7 hour “tell ‘em everything” day which, IMO, is a good idea. Am I looking forward to it? I guess so, if nothing else it will give me an idea of where to take Vic! wink We have seen so many baby and birth related programes on Discovery Health that I feel like we’ve undergone loads of training already.

Vic is getting more tired and uncomfortable as the days go by. The books say that she’ll be a real witch from now until the birth and she has a) warned me of this and b) is living up to it! The strange thing is that she’s normally a very relaxed, happy person so this is all a bit new! All I have to do is remember not to disagree with her on anything, no matter how small and to look after her………… smile She’s not that bad really wink

And now for something that I totally forgot about until Vic mentioned it – it’s our second wedding anniversary tommorrow!

Vic: What are doing tommorow?

Me: Going to parentcraft class!

Vic: No, in the evening

Me: I dunno – why?

Vic: It’s our wedding anniversary!

Me: D’oh!!!!!!!

I must admit, with the baby being so close I genuinely forgot all about it 🙁 Vic hasn’t done/bought me anything but at least she remembered…….


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