on January 8, 2003

Two days with no access to the site and it seems that so much has happened! Boring for the rest of the world but interesting/exciting for us.

1) As mentioned previously we had our antenatal class on Monday. 7 straight hours of information relating to childbirth! There’s not much to say about it except for the one major fact that I learnt: If Vic has to ask “Am I in labour?” then she’s not lol! The one thing that I was worried about was knowing when we should go to hospital – after the class I feel a lot more comfortable with that bit of it.

2) It snowed yesterday! We very rarely get snow that hangs around for any length of time in London but yesterday it lasted until about lunchtime – pictures to follow (they’re on my PC at home) People that actually get snow regularly will think it’s pathetic though smile


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