day out


on January 20, 2003

max Max had his first trip out into the big wide world today! It wasn’t far, just down to David and Claire’s, but at fifteen minutes it was as far as he’s been since he got home.

It was also the first test of his buggy and our ability to plan for the things we need to take when we go out. As it was we managed to get there and back and successfully complete two feeds and one change whilst out and at the age that Max is at the moment that’s pretty much his life in a nutshell smile It’s also made us more confidant in our ability to get out and about with Max. Sure it doesn’t sound like much, and a month ago I would have thought “big deal”, but all of these firsts are exciting and challenging for us as I’m sure they are for any first time parent.

All in all the last 24 hours have been pretty good and fairly uneventful. I can’t believe that Max’ll be a week old tomorrow!

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One Response to “day out”

  1. Gina says:

    Aww he’s such a sweet boy. I’m glad his first trip out was great! smile