trip to work

Strange trip to work this morning….. I saw the aftermath of two accidents involving motorcycles and the remnants of an accident at a major intersection involving a car and half the traffic lights in the area.

The motorcyclists were both OK (I saw them talking to the paramedics) and about 10 police were controlling the traffic using the affected intersection so the net effect of my trip was minimal.  This was just as well as I was 30 minutes late leaving home today. Vic had called me through at 5 this morning very distressed that Max had only fed for 10 minutes and was being all grumbly. Maybe she thought that the fact that he wouldn’t feed was some sort of slight on her/us. The way that I figured it was that if he didn’t want to feed then there was not a lot we could do so I sent Vic off to bed. After changing Max and walking around with him for half an hour he seemed sleepy enough to put to bed so I did and we got 90 minutes sleep before he woke up again (after turning my alarm off – hee hee) and when I left home he was feeding well.

Funny things babies smile You just get the into what you think is a routine and they throw you a curve ball wink

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  1. Didn’t you know that “curve ball” was every childs middle name? wink lol

    Hang in there… it’s a new experience every day smile (hug)

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