here at last


on March 17, 2003


The view out of our window has changed – no more London and loads more New Zealand!

Yep that’s right – we’re back in the homeland (for the moment anyway) and we’re loving it! Even more to the point the grandparents are loving it smile

The trip over here was long (36 hours non-stop door to door) but uneventful. Max was an angel for the first 12 hour flight, slightly less angelic for the second 12 hour flight and a bit of a bugger on the last one hour leg……….

Anyway we’re here now and although Max’s rhythms are out by twelve hours (sleeping during the day and awake it night – damn those time zones!!) we’re very happy to back in the bosom of our families smile

I hope you are all well – this is the first time that I’ve been online in a week so I haven’t had time to catch up on my online world. Maybe soon smile

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One Response to “here at last”

  1. Gina says:

    I was SO happy when I saw that you updated! Yay!!  Glad to hear that you, Vic and Max made the trip safely.

    He is such a handsome kiddo. Awwwwww smile