It’s our third evening house-sitting for Jay and Larry while they are on honeymoon in Melbourne, Australia and it feels really strange!  After 5 years of living either in single rooms or very small flats in London we now have this massive (relatively) 3 bedroom house and we’re not quite sure what to do with all the space!

The house was built at the turn of the century and has lovely 12’ ceilings and hardwood floors. One side effect of the floors is that when Max cries it really echoes! At 03:30 this morning we were in absolutely no doubt that he was awake and only a couple of rooms away! wink

We are also looking after their cat Trinity while they are away.  Trin is not exactly the most relaxed cat I’ve ever met (although she’s sitting on top of the monitor as I type this) and besides having to put up with two strange people in the house she also has to figure out what this screaming, cat sized, smelly animal is.  She hasn’t quite figured it out yet and gets a hell of a fright whenever Max starts wailing like a banshee, which he does quite often at the moment 🙁

Luckily Jay has a very nice new PC (based on this system unit) with broadband internet access so I can check emails and surf to my hearts content – thanks Jay! smile

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  1. We have a 3 bedroom now and the next place will be 4 bedroom and LOTS bigger. Feels huge!

    Enjoy the house sitting! smile

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