coupl’a things


on March 29, 2003

Today we have the first rain since we arrived. Two weeks of sun have given way to an overcast, drizzly and humid day. The rain has been welcomed in this part of the country though as we are in the grip of a water shortage and I just hope that it rains properly and for long enough to have an effect.

In Max news he slept for the longest spell yet – 9 hours! It would have been even better if he hadn’t started at 8pm and been up at five in the morning but as we ourselves entered the land of nod at 9:30pm it didn’t work out too badly wink Even after that long sleep he still went down for another two and half hours! In saying that, he’s been a little bugger so far today though……..

Not much more news from here at the moment. Max has his good and bad times and therefore Vic and I do to but whenever he looks you straight in the eye and gives a huge toothless grin everything is forgiven smile

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2 Responses to “coupl’a things”

  1. Gina says:

    Huge toothless grins will do it every time smile

  2. lor says:

    aaaww. i’m starting to get all maternal again. come on, tell me about smelly diapers and burping and all the non-fun stuff (no happy toohless grins). hehe;)

    i’m holding thumbs that the rain keeps on coming:)