bottle? no way dad!


on April 25, 2003

We just had great fun trying to get Max to take a bottle for the first time smile We are going to see David Gray in concert in the middle of next month and as Nana Jan will be babysitting he needs to be able to have a bottle for at least one feed.

What a bloody palava it was trying to get him to feed tonight! He absolutely hated it and got more and more wound up as we went along and even got to that stage where he goes beyond crying and into whole body sobs 🙁 Not only was he really upset but Vic was almost in tears watching me trying it on with him, bless her. In the end he took about 40ml of expressed breast milk but that took about an hour and there was no real sucking involved – I think it just dribbled down his throat!

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One Response to “bottle? no way dad!”

  1. Gina says:

    Aww, the poor lil guy!! Keep at it and he’ll figure it out!