on May 30, 2003

Our stuff that we sea-freighted from the UK has turned up smile 13 weeks down the track and I have my scanner, x-box and DVD player – oh happy days wink

The only problem is we have a very small flat and already pretty much have everything to make a house run. 14 tea-chests of stuff is not going to fit in here! I think that we’ll be going through the boxes and then putting most of it back into storage until we can buy a house. 

It’ll be nice to have our stuff though.  Vic and I weren’t really a couple when we moved to the UK so the last 10 weeks or so have been spent with my stuff and her stuff

Oh well, off to change plugs on all the electronics……….

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One Response to “yay!”

  1. Gina says:

    Wow.. 13 weeks???  Good grief!