holiday weekend


on June 4, 2003

Yesterday was a holiday Monday so me and the family traveled North 2.5 hours to see our friends Ali and Al (and kids Jack and Abbey) in Feilding.

It was really nice to see them and in the afternoon Al and I took Jack and Max for a walk to my old High School Feilding Agricultural High School (now without the agricultural it seems)

I haven’t been for a walk around the school property for 20 years and whilst it doesn’t seemed to have changed that much it just seems so small! smile Another thing that has changed is the boarding sections.  My four years there were spent as a full-time boarder and the building that we lived in was called Rangitane House.  This building slept about 65 students and was laid out in a “U” shape around a central lawn.  Here are some of the major differences:

? We had 8 boys per dorm (now they only have 4)

? We had wooden floors (carpet now)

? We studied in a communal room (they have individual workstations by the beds – which is why the number of beds per dorm is halved)

? We only had 3 1/2 walls (they have 4 walls now – and windows!)

The last point is true! The house was built in the 40’s then TB was a real killer and fresh air was king.  When they built they designed the dorms so that the wall on the inside of the U was only 1/2 height. I spent 4 years sleeping, showering and dressing in the same temperature as it was outside.  The amazing thing is hardly anyone got sick……..

All in all a great trip down memory lane smile

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One Response to “holiday weekend”

  1. Gina says:

    Sounds like a fun time! smile