Just got home from my photoshoot and thought I would post this one.  Not hugely impressed with the G3 after 5 hours shooting today.  I’m off out for another hour or two soon and we’ll see how we go after that wink Now I remember why I went DSLR – the focusing is sooooooooooooo sloooooooooowwwwww……… smile


PS: There are 12 original, straight out of the camera files in this instantlogic.com album. Don’t forget the originals are 1-2 MB each so if you’re on a dial up line you might want to think twice about clicking on the link to the original size image smile

Update: here’s a couple from an evening trip to the beach smile


2.5 sec @ f/8.0 with 3 stop ND filter (built in to the camera!)


It looks pretty crap this small here’s a bigger one

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3 Replies to “pic”

  1. The first one from your beach trip is gorgeous! Glad that you’re finding something to do while the loved ones are away, they’ll be home again soon smile

  2. Slow focus or no, they all came out great.  That’s the one thing that drives me crazy about my 995 – by the time it finally settles on a focus whatever I was trying to get a shot of has moved on.  No action shots for me.  🙁

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