another one


on August 8, 2003

Max’s 4th tooth came through today – 6 months 3 weeks and the little bugger’s got his 4th! I don’t know smile

Besides that life just goes quietly on. Things on the work front have paused – the guy that’s supposed to interview me is on holiday. 

I feel a re-design coming on, maybe into more of a photoblog ‘cos I just don’t have much to say but loads of time to take photo’s.  The problem with that is I know that as soon as I get a job the roles will be reversed.  The other option is to start up a proper photoblog I guess, even though the lo-res project has taken a back seat with the 26 things site taking up my time (21 done and 5 to go wink)


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2 Responses to “another one”

  1. Gina says:

    You have the perfect little man for your photos. How sweet! And reality check here.. wow 6 months already!! It just can’t be!

  2. Bekah says:

    You take the best pictures.

    Could I interest you in flying to the states to be my wedding photographer in May? grin