on September 1, 2003

I survived Saturday!

Now you may think this is no big deal but this Saturday was no ordinary one, no siree bob! Yesterday was my send-vic-off-for-12-hours-and-max-will-bloody-well-drink-formula-out-of-a-bottle-if-it-damn-well-kills-me Saturday smile

I’ve thought for a while that the only way to get Max to drink from a bottle/tippee cup/whatever is to send Vic out for a long time. Not days you understand but more than 3 or 4 hours that we’ve done in the past and we agreed that yesterday was to be that time.

Max awoke at about 07:00 and had his normal morning boobie feed (lucky!) Vic then was dressed and out of the house before 09:00 to meet her Mum in town while I gave Max his breakfast and it was just the two of us……..alone………….

Without going into all the details the day was great!  Max, even though he got pretty damn stroppy at times, took enough from a bottle so that I didn’t feel like he was going to get dehydrated.  Out of the 20oz (500ml) I made up during the day he had probably 15-16oz (400ml) of it.  Not a huge amount but that along with carrot and parsnip for lunch seemed to do the trick.  So much so that when Max and I drove out to the MIL’s place at 19:00 he wasn’t starving hungry. In fact he was with Vic for about 30 mins before he wanted a feed!

So all in all a very enjoyable day spent with my son smile

PS: Thanks to my Mum for popping in to make sure that we were OK and Larry for calling. Mum and I had a nice walk to a local cafe for a coffee which killed an hour and Max was fine until about 5 mins from home wink

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  1. Gina says:

    Aww that’s great!!